About Us

I have champion line pygmy goats from show herds, we started with the pygmy breed in march of 2015 and love going to the shows in region 7. Members of the NPGA
All our pygmy goats are registered through the NPGA


I learned how to milk goats this spring and found out we LOVE goat milk and cheese! We are getting into the breeding of Mini Nubians and currently building our herd.
All of our Mini Nubians are registered with the MDGA


I used breed and show North and South American line Dobermans in all four AKC accepted colors.I currently have one amazing doberman guarding my life.
All of our dogs are AKC registered and I do not have any “Z” or white factored dobermans.
I do not endorce the breeding of “king” “superior” or “warlock” dobermans as these are not lines or types of dobermans but rather selling gimicks used by puppy millers and back yard breeders. All of my dogs are bred to the current AKC written standard. Which can be seen on the AKC website or on www.dpca.org