Zena Oops Made A Mistake

Sire: Jake In Time
Dam: Rutin Tutin Rudy
Whelped:  oct 2 ’02
blood panel normal


Achievements:  this is my baby, you can usually find her either curled up on the couch or madly running from window to window barking at those bunnies she is convinced are going to one day band up and attack the house!! she does not have much of a pedigree but she sure makes up for it in personality. She is my pet and protector and will live with me to the end of her days 🙂



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Jake In Time




Marmaduke Presley

Jakes Roofus Cody
Double Diamond’s Sasha
Murphy Jean Jakes Roofus Cody
Double Diamond’s Sasha


 Rutin Tutin Rudy

Terrys Kodiac Bear Mahogany Red Bone Reese
Hans Von Mona
Miss Bailey Layne Big Redd Jackpot
Jamie High Counrty Princess