For Sale
All kids are disbudded or naturally polled.
Kidding is in full swing here on the farm. You can click on the names to go to their pages for more information.

mini Nubians


Kids so far this year, will keep updating pictures or message me for more if you see one you like.



Knightwolf Picked A Pepper and  Westwind Acres Texas Willy Blue buckling blue eyes and polled born feb 16th $600 SOLD


B52 Foxy Roxy and  Westwind Acres Texas Willy Blue buckling born mar 5th blue eyes and covered in crazy moonspots $500 SOLD


Knightwolfs Got Some Foxy Spots and Knightwolfs Limited Edition born april 11 doe 600 SOLD


Canoel Farms Saponi Luna by Knightwolf&s i got the goods  born march 22nd covered in moonspots, I was planning to keep this girl but have kept more then I should 600SOLD








micky is a blue eyed polled 7th gen buckling and may have some moonspots you can only see is a certin light but not positive  on that one. i bought his mother and him in a group this summer and just resently purchased another buck so i don’t really need him but will use him as long as he is here. 475