For Sale
All kids are disbudded or naturally polled.
Kidding is in full swing here on the farm. You can click on the names to go to their pages for more information.

mini Nubians


We have many amazing kids available this year. If you see anyone you would like more pictures of just let me know. I try to keep up with the website but do sometimes get behind so if your looking for something you can always ask. Kids are dam raised unless otherwise noted and can not leave until weaned. If you see someone you are ready to ad to your herd deposits are $200 per goat and no goat can be held with out a deposit in hand. deposits are nonrefundable unless for some reason i am not able to provide the kid you have chosen.   All kids are able to be picked up between 10 and 14 weeks of age, if you are unable to pick up your goat by 14 weeks of age a boarding fee of $2 per day per goat will be added to the amount owed at pickup.


Take $50 0ff any buckling if purchased with a doe or doeling

Sonflower Ranch Arwen by dna pending 7th gen purebred buckling born jan 16th 450 or unregistered for 100 he is an extremly loving boy and would make a great pet too



Screaming Goat Farm Kaitlynne by Knightwolfs i got the goods 7th gen purebred buckling born march11th  400 or unregistered for 100 he loves to tug on my clothes when i am out doing chores, smooth topline and amazing udders behind him



Knightwolfs Witchy Woman and Laz E Acres Mr. Blue Jeans very nice blue eyed 7th gen buckling born 4-29-21 boy does he have the looks and lots of milk behind him and he is a loverboy!! i will be using him on my own girls if he doesn’t sell 500


these two amazing boys are out of Marigold Mini Maybell and Laz E Acres Mr. Blue Jeans this was my most anticipated breeding of the year as maybell has the most amazing udder that is just a dream to milk, i had crossed all my fingers and toes for buck doe twins but she gave me twin bucks. i am keeping one of them but so undecided on who i like best, the crazy spotted one is brown eyed and disbudded and the mahohany boy is blue eyed and polled. so i am offering them both and which ever one finds a herd first i am keeping the other. 500


Knightwolfs Katniss and Goat Trails Gideons Legacy gave me an amazing buckling to wrap up my kidding season, he is 7th gen and polled and wow he is pretty, hopefully one day its going to stop raining and i can get some better picture of him, i will be ok if he ends up not selling 🙂 500



here are 3 doelings i had planned to retain for my own breeding program but am going to go ahead and offer as i just kept to many the last couple years


this little girl is an 8th gen purebred out of Knightwolfs Checkmate and Laz E Acres Mr. Blue Jeans she has breed character for days!!! she is polled and is such a sweet heart, i see big things in her future and will be really sad to see her go she is 575 if you want to purchase her with one of our available bucklings 650 by herself SOLD


this girl is a 6th gen purebred out of Hilltop Goats Lacey and Knightwolfs Limited Edition she is blue eyed and polled le had some of the longest ears i have ever seen on a buck. she is 575 with one of the bucklings above or 650 by herself


this little girl is a 7th gen purebred out of Knightwolfs Faline and Knightwolfs Van Gogh she is blue eyed polled and covered in moonspots! some very nice udders and milk behind her and was a major keeper but i got more then one this year so i am tentatively offering her to a new herd. she is 725 with a buckling or 800 by herself