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Sonflower Ranch Arwen FOR SALE 550 SOLD

Arwen F6 Polled

Marigold Mini Maybell 

Maybell F7

Screaming Goat Farm Kaitlynne FOR SALE 750 SOLD

Kaitlynne F6

Goat Trails Ivy FOR SALE 600 SOLD

Ivy F7

Knightwolfs Kaleidoscope

Kallie f6

Knightwolfs Faline

Faline F6 polled and blue eyed

Knightwolfs Checkmate

Chessy F7 Polled

Knightwolfs Hope For The Future

Hope F6 Polled

Knightwolfs Legacy 

Legacy F6 Blue eyed


Texas Tykes Rain Maker FOR SALE 600

Rainy F5



Jasmine F6 Blue eyed

Knightwolfs Katniss 

Katniss F6


Knightwolfs Ravens Flight

Raven F6


Knightwolfs Mystic Rose

Mystic F6

Magic F6

Knightwolfs Witchy Woman

Witchy F6

Screaming Goat Farm Stormy FOR SALE 600

Stormy F5

Hilltop Goats Lucy FOR SALE 600SOLD

Lucy F7 polled and blue eyed


Hilltop Goats Lacey SOLD

Lacey F6 polled and blue eyed

Hilltop Goats Rosie FOR SALE 600 SOLD

Rosie F6 polled and blue eyed

Hilltop Goats Angel SOLD

Angel F6 polled

Texas Tykes Filling The Void

Shadow F6